Hint, hint!

15. Juni 2016

Indeed, I felt incredibly motivated - sitting in between all those locals David and me were very excited. The hotel where our training took place was just 3 blocks away and we had a moment to rush through the NYC masses of morning people. I was deeply impressed by the NYC morning crowd, all pretty in shape, women in heels their sneakers hidden in the obligatory designer bag, perfect mani, sharp chins, super slim and desciplined. Our breakfast offer was matching perfectly: low carb, vegan, fresh fruits, low fat milk. Well, where do these urban trends come from? Has it started in NY, or in Cali or somewhere in Europe? It was quite familiar as I have seen the same menus in Berlin and Paris recently (even though I prefer pancakes and cheses cake being in Manhattan :) 

Our trainer was just great - I can absolutely recommend the American way of taking yourself seriously and reward yourself during professional trainings. The programme was helpful and motivating in regards to job related situations. We worked in small groups of 5 at the beginning. The others in our group were surprised and welcoming us Europeans. After a full day training I was surprised of the amount of situations which I have thought were unique but were obviously typical communication dead ends.