...and thus the circle closes

18. Februar 2018

Confessions first: Yes, I myself have worked in fast fashion industry as well. It has been quite a long time but still - with my time, my dedication, my creativity I supported a company which produced in Bangladesh under doubtful circumstances. In contrast to my jobs in sports & lifestyle, I have never worn any single piece of that particular FF company. Even in regards to sample sales, left overs, stock room cleanouts - I have never took anything. I guess in this period my consciousness for positive products and negative products has awaken slowly but surely.

So yesterday I was in the middle of nowhere at the Czech border in a nice small village. Walking the chis I spotted, guess what, a second hand shop. But not one of the cool Berlin hipster kind, no. It was a cheesy small shop with plenty of old GDR books, ugly plates... On a single stand where wns apparel and I quickly grabbed a leather jacket. Very well cut, real leather, very soft material, just a little dry. I bought it for a ridiculuos amout of Euros. Back in my accomodation I decided to fully treat it with black shoe paste. On the inside of the jacket I found a little tag under the care instructions... The name of my old old FF company. Different font but definately it. I couldn`t believe it. After such a long time I finally got a piece of that one (and found it in a region where we even had no stores!!)

Looked shit in the stinky second hand shop, looks great on me!