Wisdom in Leuna

22. Februar 2018

OK, are you in any situation like...

...about to break up with someone

...getting married soon and suddenly doubtful and scared

...in between one and the other job

...being in a relationship and having a crush on someone else

...moving from one city to another

...unemployed and lacking motivation?

Then take a car and make a roadtrip through Eastern Germany. Go alone, look forward to German Autobahn (unlimited!) and stand yourself alone. Be sure to have good music with you (preferably something you loved when you were 15 or so).

I am currently in such a situation as mentioned above and my way back from Berlin led me through Leuna. Leunawerke are a massive historical piece of German chemical industries. It was founded in 1916 to synthesize ammoniak and acids for the German arms industry. Already this fact provokes a special feeling between fear and fascination. Everyone who likes huge industrial skylines in a bizarre way will feel inspired driving by Leunawerke. Old people living in the GDR back in the days told me, the sky over Leuna used to be grey and foggy, acid rain. Today passing by at night (A9 Motorway) brings me back to myself. What does industrial photography have to do with the uncomfy personla situation? I don`t know. Distraction? Inspiration? Whatever, it works.

Pls check out the great photos of xy who is able to capture the weird mood https://reisezoom.com/industriefotografie-leuna-werke/

Photo by Marc, blogger at reisezoom.com